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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  March 7, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. welcome back. it's time to talk about what we learned today. i learned so much today.
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i learned you're going to be in a movie, richard wolffe. >> yes. >> i learned that you think that arianna huffington is right all the time because she signs your checks, and i learns, jonathan, you require 14 hours. sam, what have you learned? >> i learned that if you want to be a successful guest on this show, you got to bring a chart. >> and you have one. >> i've made one. this has been my favorite show to date. >> yes. there's an inverse relationship between the number of charts shown and our ratings. >> yes. >> i learned that peace might break out in washington since the president had dinner with some senators last night. >> and meeting with paul ryan today which is big news. >> i think tax hikes are hoke for republicans as long as we call them tax reform. >> and it's coupled with entitlement reform and it loerz the deficit. if it's way too early, it's
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"morning joe." stick around. chuck todd begins now. >> a tale of two snaenates as a dozen republicans break bread with president obama. >> plus, as jeb bush kicks up the latest clash over immigration within the republican party, we'll talk to a texas freshman democrat about whether more talk could lead to action. and in a decade after the war in iraq, a report reveals an astonishing account of wasted money, failed projects and little hope of making it better. >> good morning from maryland elementary school in ohio, it's thursday, march 7th, and this is "the daily rundown." now here's chuck todd. >> thank you to those 5th
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graders there from the maryland elementary school. congratulations on winning our annual county-wide battle of the books. let's go to my first reads of the morning. if there's one issue congress agrees on, it's that president obama doesn't do a good job of reaching out to them. but now after another budget crisis, the president has made a noticeable shift to reach out in a different way. with gridlock the new normal in washington, a dinner like the one president obama and a dozen republican senators had last night at a d.c. hotel is actually news. the night ended with a thumbs up from senators mccain and coburn, even praise from other senators. >> just fine. great.
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wonderful. >> i am more optimistic just from a personal standpoint. having been in the group of eight, it's tough sledding. it's just very tough sledding. these are very difficult issues, but i do think there's a real fatigue in just going from crisis to crisis. so i think we're -- i think tonight was a good first step. >> he was very open, honest sincere, general discussion. >> you can see all across the ideologic'd lodeological spectr. lindsey graham offered some background yesterday afternoon. >> the president called senator mccain and myself a couple of weeks ago, and senator mccain was his opponent, as you all thou know, in 2008. i see the president reaching out. the dinner that was supposed to be quiet is sad that it makes news. >> he's right about that. graham's closest friends were on
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the list. graham also included republican senators who have a particular interest in the budget debate, so that included pat toomey. graham is the only senator up for re-election in 2014. miguel rodriguez was there. vice president biden, not at the dinner. maybe this is the start of a new outreach. in his first term, mr. obama's outreach to republicans was sporadic at best and though the president bristles when that's pointed out -- >> i promise you, we invite folks from congress over here all the time. and when they choose to come, i enjoy their company. sometimes they don't choose to come, and that has to do with the fact that i think they don't consider the optics useful for them politically. >> the fact of the matter is the
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white house is changing how they're doing their outreach. this is different. almost everyone admitted after the dinner that it was more productive because the republican leadership was not in the room. in an interview with speaker boehner, who doesn't want to lose his job, pretty much agreed. >> so no more big top down deals, no more obama-boehner top-down deals or really -- >> those haven't worked very well if you've watched over the last few years. >> i understand. a lot of people would like a deal. >> yeah, but i don't think it's the way to get to one. listen, two people hiding behind closed doors doesn't replicate a 535 members of congress or the wisdom of 535 members of congress. >> right now there are actually some members of the republican leadership who prefer that the bargaining work this way, that the outreach is to the rank and file first, and then they bring in leadership.
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today the president's outreach continues. he's invited house budget committee chairman paul ryan for lunch at the white house. ryan will of course be rolling out his budget next week. the committee's top democrat, maryland's chris van holland will also attend. this shift in strategy very apparent. next week the president will be speaking on tuesday to the senate democrats and house republicans. on thursday, the house democrats and senate republicans. tuesday majority days, thursday minority days. overnight some of the senators from that dinner made their way back to the senate floor to show support for rand paul of kentucky and his day-long filibuster of president obama's choice for cia director john brennan. it started as a one-senator crusade just before lunch. >> i will speak until i can no longer speak.
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i will speak as long as it takes until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast. that our constitution ask important, that your rights to trial by jury are precious, that no american should be killed by a drone on american soil without first being charged with a crime. >> senator paul wants assurances from the president and attorney general eric holder and decided in old-school senate style to talk till he dropped. after a few hours of going it alone, a few fellow tea partiers joined in. >> americans have every reason to be concerned. anytime decisions are made by government that impairs one of the fundamental, god-given protected rights that americans have. >> by mid-afternoon, a democrat joined the fray, ron wyden. >> the executive branch should not be allowed to conduct such a serious and far-reaching program
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by themselves without any scrutiny because that's not how american democracy works. >> senate majority leader harry reid tried to put an end to paul's effort. >> the rest of the body needs to know if we're going to finish tonight or tomorrow or the next day. >> as the hour got late, an odd coalition formed around paul including several senators who haven't agreed with him on this issue in the past. as it was clear, the filibuster was popular on twitter and grassroots conservatives, as midnight approached, things got a bit punchy. >> stand with rand is trending worldwide. that's pretty darn cool. >> we few, we happy few, we band of brothers. >> let me just begin by quoting
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a modern day poet, whiz kalefa. >> men, all this stuff about america not wanting to stay out of wars, a lot of horse dung. >> that takes me back to another modern day poet by it name of j.z. >> but he finally had to call an end to it when nature called. >> the senate should be trying to restrain the executive branch, republican or democrat. i've discovered that there are some limits to filibustering, and i'm going to have to go take care of one of those in a few minutes here. [ laughter ] >> i thank you very much for the forbearance and i yield the floor. >> senator from illinois. >> say what you will about paul's marathon moment, whether it was a noble cause, but it makes the case for filibuster reform requiring senators to actually speak if they want to
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hold things up. why? because it truly forced a debate, in this case over the administration's drone policy. remember this was a bit of a branch versus branch issue that rand paul was bringing up, and this debate is not one the administration is eager to have. look no further than attorney general's testimony yesterday on capitol hill. >> does the constitution allow a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil who doesn't pose an imminent threat to be killed by the u.s. government? >> i do not believe that -- again, you have to look at all of the facts, but on the facts that you have given me, and this is a hypothetical, i would not think that in that situation, the use of a drone or lethal force would be appropriate. >> the pause when it comes to issues that civil libertarians hold near and deer are true believers. it was fascinating how some
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republican senators seemed to wait to see which way the wind was tweeting before climbing aboard. while the nrsc was raising money, this morning, it said, if mr. paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than fire up impressionable college kids in their dorms, he needs to know what he's talking about. organizing for action has received blistering criticism for offering potential access to big donors. today former obama campaign manager in the organizing for action national chairman jim mesena, cites, it doesn't get to the larger criticism that campaign advocates are upset about. while organizing for action is a nonprofit social welfare
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organization that are faces a lower disclosure than a political campaign, we believe in being open and transparent. that's why every donor who gives $250 or more will be disclosed on this website and the exact amount they give on a quarterly basis. he also argues that meetings with the president promised to big donors are not opportunities to lobby. they are, quote, briefings on the positions the president has taken and the status of seeing them through. the larger question this op-ed doesn't answer is why does the president when presented with a campaign fork in the road again take the one that is the ends justifies the means course when it comes to money? by creating and supporting an organization like this, the president is setting a precedent for presidents to go around their own political parties to find support, the problem of
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growing role of big money in politics. still to come we'll talk with one of the senators at the dinner last night. the president picked up the tab but what price will those senators pay. representative castro will be here next, what he has to say on jeb bush's views on immigration. first a look ahead at today's politics planner. can anything today top yesterday? yesterday was quite the day in old-school politics. the good ole days. senators breaking bread with the president. old school filibusters, good stuff. [ male announcer ] house rule number 53.
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discussions on immigration reform are picking up steam in both the house and senate raising hopes that the two chambers could each advance the legislation in the next month or so. joining me, texas castro, president of the house democrats freshman class. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning, chuck. >> let me ask you, how soon will we start seeing a bill get marked up in committee in the house and what is the status of the bipartisan house talks? we see a lot of coverage of the senate. we don't see as much coverage of the house. >> as you know, there's been a bipartisan group in the senate and the in the house of representatives, and the house group has been working for a few years on coming up with something that both parties can live with. i don't think anybody's going to get their perfect version, but i'm hopeful that we can pass
6:19 am
something probably in the summer or in the fall through both congresses. it's not going to be an easy road, you know the chairman of the committee came out against a path to citizenship, so it is going to be a bit of a tough road, but i think we'll get there. >> and that seems to be the big difference between the house version and senate version. yes, there's little differences, but will there be a path to citizenship or not. jeb bush seemed to see the political writing on the wall, at least in the house, and they wrote a policy pre-november that had that path to citizenship but he's open to one. do you find that republicans would be open to a path to citizenship if there were 12 years down the road, 13, 14? >>. >> that's a good yes, and i actually believe that there is a group of probably 30 to 40% of their caucus that could support a path to citizenship right now if speaker boehner would let that bill on the floor.
6:20 am
if you look at the instances this year where he has not used the haster rule, there's been -- i think it would be the same thing an immigration. >> you've been here less than three months and you're using washington speak. the violence against women's act. i caught you. i hear you. i hear you. i caught you there. you were at a recent luncheon with your brother, the mayor of san antonio, and a moderator was asking about whether you thought the president had done enough in setting the tone here in washington and this budget crisis and you seemed to think he could do more. what do you mean? >> first, i think the president has done a lot. he's been very vocal about his positions. i do think with this congress, particularly because there's still vestiges of the tea party that control it, you've got to
6:21 am
prod these guys, you've got to prod the speaker and get this house of representatives moving, and i think the president has been doing that. we know that he met last friday with republicans. he met last night for a late dinner with 11 or 12 senators and he's still talking to be the house of representatives, so i think that does show strong leadership. >> and you want to see him do more of that. somehow in the past, somehow democrats are saying, hay, why are you paying so much attention to the republicans. but you're okay with that as a house democrat? >> absolutely. look, i think at the end of the day, we want to fix the sequester, do everything that we can to get the nation's economy back in order, and whoever gets credit for it or doesn't get credit for it, i think those are just distracting questions. >> joaquin castro, i didn't realize you were president of the freshman class, with over 40.
6:22 am
thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks. >> up next, setting the table for a deal. we'll get a firsthand account of what happened last night when the president sat down for a dinner with a dozen republican senators. find out what dan coats thinks on the president's strategy. first, trivia, they are sets of hispanic siblings served in the 111th congress, who were they? first person to tweet the correct answer will get an on air shout out. answer is coming up. i know two of them. struggling with the third. i'll admit it. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ]
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country. >> that was republican senator top coburn reflecting on the dinner he shared with president obama last night. the president hoped to start a bipartisan conversation about the range of pressing issues. but is it too late? here now is another one of the president's dinner mates last night, senator dan coats. senator, i'm going to ask you about what tom coburn said. i don't mean to be a cynic, but do you believe every senator believes what he believes, that they'd be willing to lose their seat for a big deal? not every senator seems to act that way these days. >> it's always a tension between your political interests and the interests of the country. and i hope that there are a lot of senators and a lot of congressmen and the president of the united states who are willing to put the interest of the country ahead of their own
6:27 am
political. >> translator:. >> last night was construct uv, and we got away from the politics of it, and i think we need to do more of that. if we're going to solve this problem, it's going to take both sides to participate and literally put the interests of the country ahead of our respective political interests. >> leadership wasn't there at all, elected leadership, not to say that you guys have your own entities, but the elected top leadership wasn't there. is it easier to speak freely when elected leadership isn't there? is there a case where you guys can talk more if sort of the politics is out of the room? >> well, obviously we respect the wisdom and the advice and counsel of leadership. but this was an opportunity for each of us to really pour our heart out in terms of how we believe we need to go forward for the sake of the future of the country, particularly in dealing with this debt and deficit and spending problem that we have. the president listened, and so
6:28 am
we took all of the politicizing out of the process. >> what's the next steps? sorry. >> in the end here, it's not just the words, it's the actions. we can not keep going from crisis to crisis, soap opera to soap opera. we need to put a long-term plan together and that's the center of what the discussion was last nierg night, and i thought it was constructive. >> everybody seemed to agree that they didn't know the answer to this question, which is, what's the next step here? is it more meetings with the president down at the white house? is it smaller groups? is it little bipartisan coalitions developing in the senate? what's the next step that's concrete to advance this conversation? >> well, this could be a door-opening for the actions that need to take place to turn the rhetoric into reality.
6:29 am
and that is going to require people from the white house representing the president, working with staff, members talking with members, the president getting engaged directly in this process. it won't happen without the president's engagement. his reaching out i hope is a hopeful sign that he is doing such. the other part of this is that we have to understand, we have a short window to do this. this is 2013. next year's going to be another election year, so if there's ever a time to address what i think is the fundamental question facing this question, the time is now. and if we can keep that sense of urgency, whether it's small group, big group, leaders to leaders, or dinners last night with the president, let's get it done. >> do you mind taking me in the room? how much of the -- did everybody get their time to talk? was it truly a conversation? was it a series of 13 speeches? >> the president opened up and then said, let me just lay out
6:30 am
where i'm coming from and what i think we need to do to address this problem. let's have an open discussion on that. and then he went around the room. he basically sat back and said, i want to hear from you. and each of us had the opportunity to look eyeball to eyeball and seriously put forward what our thinking was in terms of this, and seeing where we could find some consensus, and he listened. everyone felt this was a unique setting and it was about a 2 1/2 hour process. we dug into serious stuff. >> i heard it would have gone on longer but there was a movement that nobody wanted to make anybody feel as if it went on too long. is that fair to say? >> well, it had been a long day for all of us and we still had action going on on the senate floor, so the day was going to get even longer. but i think the president gave us a very significant amount of
6:31 am
his time. >> senator dan coats, republican from indiana, taking us inside the room last night. thanks for sharing it with us. >> thank you. >> next, taking a deep dive into a seemingly bottomless muddy pit. billions of dollars wasted in iraq. where did it all go? and with all the u.s. has invested, is there anything to show for it? plus droning on, rand paul's old-fashioned filibuster. switc, and you'll dump your old mop. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady ♪ who's that lady? [ female announcer ] used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet starts with a clean pad every time, and its antibacterial cleaner kills bacteria mops can spread around. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. ♪ lovely lady
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it's been said that beauty is in the ewell...behold. der. behold water so blue it merges with the sky above. behold natural beauty above the sea, and far below. behold smiles so wide they stretch across the face of an entire nation. behold...the islands of the bahamas. today, a deep dive into the mind-boggling waste of money. billions, with a b, of dollars here for war torn iraq that were either misspent, stolen or simply thrown away. over the last decade, more than $60 billion was spent on
6:35 am
reconstruction. that's an average of $15 million a day. the goals were to modernize iraq's electrical grid, rebuilding healthcare, and an army pretty much from scratch. a report released this week found out while some progress was made, the results didn't justify the amount of money spent. out of the $60 billion total, the u.s. inspector general found at least $8 billion was wasted. another $1 billion is believed to have been lost to fraud, corruption or money landering. at his defense hearing, chuck hagel talked about it. >> they've come up with billions and billions and billions of dollars that are unaccounted for. corruption, fraud, waste, abuse. it really is quite astounding, but when you think about the
6:36 am
universe of money that went into both those wars, no one should be surprised. >> the 171-page report is full of examples of poor planning and poor execution. this waste water treatment plan in fallujah tripled to $108 million. when it gets hooked up to the city next year the price tag will be $195 million. this bridge was destroyed, the u.s. tried to rebuild the pipe lines at a large cost. but the project was a failure. a second project was needed to do the job at a cost of another $29 million. east of baghdad, there sets a pile of rubble that's nicknamed the whale. it's the remnants a 136-bed
6:37 am
prison the u.s. started building and then abandoned. it cost $40 million. let's move on here. in the case of the military, $20 billion were spent from 2005 to 2011, but much more fell through the cracks. logistical contracts for the iraqi army were modified 161 times. with the cost, the report found the effort fell well short of achieving the goal. so why did all this happen? u.s. and iraqi officials provided a long list of reasons of essentially everything that could go wrong did go wrong. here's how the former prime minister summed it up. insufficient planning, poor oversight, a lack of security and political stability, unqualified contractors receiving contracts and
6:38 am
widespread corruption. joining me now the senior correspondent and editor with the washington post. he wrote imperil life, in the emerald inside iraq's green zone. none of this idea of waste probably surprises you, but this report, was it worse than you expected? >> it was. seeing that seer number of $8 billion out of the $60 billion that was spent, it's mind-boggling, chuck. we've known all along, since the early days, that money was being wasted there. but to get this all pulled together is really sobering. >> money, in times of war, when you feel the need that you have to rebuild and sometimes you have to do it fast, money is going to get wasted. and i'm sure you have an i.g. go and look at the marshall plan in
6:39 am
world war ii and we can find waste, but this was exorbitant. >> the real question is what did we get for this? did it help support the military objectives? you could argue that in some cases, yes, it bought short-term stability that helped to ensure some stability for u.s. troops on the ground, but the broader effort here, to try to create a stable, sustainable economy for the iraqis that weans them off of their sole dependence on oil starts to facilitate political compromise by helping various actors in society, that didn't happen. >> is iraq an ally? >> that's a good question because today iraq has a much closer relationship -- the iraqi government is taking a whole host of steps that are contrary
6:40 am
to u.s. policy. >> what could we have done differently? would the obama administration -- it seems like all we've done is carrots and no sticks. >> there's an argument out there that the obama administration should have kept a follow-on force of u.s. troops, 10,000, 20,000. many republicans on capitol hill have criticized the obama administration for not pushing a status agreement hard enough. but it's hard to imagine that a presence of 10,000 american troops would fundamentally change iraqi politics. the government there represents the majority shiite arab population. they see a kinship with neighboring iran. the sobering thing here is afghanistan. we think these numbers are bad in iraq, we're spending more in afghanistan, and we're continuing to spend that money, and i would argue we're going to see much higher levels of waste and fraud there. >> i understand that, but if you
6:41 am
go back to 1989, and it's the ending of the movie, charlie wilson's war in afghanistan, that hurt too. aren't we obligated, isn't it, what's the famous phrase -- >> you break it, you buy it. and so you've got to spend some money. the question here is not to zero out the funding. it's where's the sustainable level. afghan officials have argued that the sheer size we try to spend there, fuels corruption, if we were more modest and directed more of the money through the local governments, yes, there is corruption that comes from it but you also build ownership and sustainability. in the 2008 campaign, neither obama nor mitt romney spoke much about the afghan war, and now obama's going to have to go to congress and say, even as i'm
6:42 am
pulling out american troops, you need to keep writing big checks. >> senior correspondent, associate editor over at the washington post, you do terrific work. thanks for coming on. wall street spending that record-setting rally this morning, stocks being helped by a new report. and jobless claims fell more than expected. 340,000, pushing the monthly average to its lowest level in five years. today shares in europe reached their highest level since 2008, and japan's nikay index. first, white house soup of the day, we'll see if this is what paul ryan and the president will dine out on, black bean burrito. check us out on
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ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. . it's a live look at the capital here, but our daily flashback is to this day in 1975 when the senate last changed the rules on filibusters. it required the votes from two-thirds to three fifths to end the debate. it takes 60 senators to evoke cloture and stop a filibuster. democrats did that when they realized that they were starting to lose their advantage and their numbers at the time. remember, these changes only happen when the party in power thinks they may be losing power. president obama's dining diplomacy continues today. he's lunching at the white house with paul ryan. let's bring in our thursday
6:47 am
gaggle. political reporter for the washington post, from the bernard center for politics, and route marcus. welcome all. >> nia, the president, they denied that this was ever an issue, but let's be realistic, they have changed their tactics. >> that's right. i talked to the white house yesterday, oh, no, there's no change in tactic. the president has been doing this all along. complete reversal. he was doing the outside game before on the campaign trail and this was a real inside game. i was outside last night stalking those senators as they came out, and there was a change in tone. and they came out feeling like this was a good first step, saying that this was breaking the ice in what has been a relationship filled with bad blood. >> and michelle, the fact, as lindsey graham said, i can't believe this is news, fifth year
6:48 am
of the man's presidency, and this is a news story. >> it shouldn't have been a news story, but i feel like i wish we had a psychologist here with us today just to explain why people felt it was just so important that they couldn't change their stance on any of these issues until the president sat down and talked with them. i mean, it's stupid on both sides. >> ruth, it's interesting, i do detect a change in the political exhaustion is real. >> yes. >> those guys, eventually they they do want to legislate. not all of them, but those 12 do. >> here's a frustrating thing. the exhaustion is real. it was real eight months ago, a year ago. i think it's a legitimate question why we didn't have this earlier because there always has been what the president calls a common sense caucus, especially on -- among senate republicans who want to get things done, but
6:49 am
god bless them. glad they had dinner, glad they found a neutral territory to do it. there have been really interesting cracks in the gop armor, willingness to look at revenue. >> sometimes you need a change in staff too. the national security guy spends a lot of time briefing senators, so he has pretty good relationships going in. i think the not so hidden hand of dennis, you're seeing -- >> and you're seeing that it's not an election year. i think the white house -- >> absolutely. >> by the way, 11 of those 12 guys not up for re-election. and lindsey's lindsey. >> yeah, i don't think he's fearing a primary challenge. he's got $4 million in the bank and he's doing his thing. and a couple of them mentioned, we're not up for re-election, we're ready to play. a lot of those folks were on the gang of six before. >> by, michelle, you have old school, dinner, jefferson hotel.
6:50 am
>> that's right. cigars, maybe. >> rich ma hhogany, and then th new school senators. >> i thought it was fascinating, i thought it was interesting, and i would venture to guess that any poll we look at shows that most americans liked what he did. >> it forced a debate. if you talk about it, there was a second filibuster yesterday, that people aren't talking about, of a federal judge. >> a second or third filibuster of this poor woman. >> of a federal judge and they weren't forced to talk about it and have a debate, and it would have been healthier for the country had there been one. >> that would have been a fantastically healthy debate because the question is whether this judge, she's been nominated to the d.c. circuit, when she worked for elliot spitzer in new
6:51 am
york, she argued a gun control issue for him, and that has doomed her, and i would really like to hear the explanation of why that rises to the level of the extraordinary circumstances that are posed to justify a filibuster of a judge. >> well, that worked out, but i think the country's having a conversation about drones. >> and we should be having that conversation. >> this is how a -- filibuster reform, rand paul may be the best advocate of it. trivia time, three sets of hispanic siblings served in the 111th congress. the answer. linda and loretta sanchez, and ken and john salazar. congratulations to today's winner, a friend of the show. she was first.
6:52 am
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a look at live pictures of a fairly empty chamber room, where senators will meet in a few minutes to mark up four gun-control bills including an assault weapons ban. this comes after democrats have been in talking with republican senator tom coburn on a background checks bill that the white house is still optimistic they think can get through the senate. let's bring bag our gaggle, nia malika henderson, and michelle marcus. the second national poll i've seen that i'll follow, there's a
6:56 am
third national poll that showed something, the president's numbers softened a bit. sequester, we saw it at the beginning of -- he polls better than republicans, but it softens. >> and let's face it, he went out there saying that the sky was going to fall. as far as i can tell, it hasn't fallen yet. he spent a lot of capital on it. >> in their defense on this sky's falling, they said it starts april 1st, but they started saying that a little after they said the sky was going to fall and criminals will be let go. >> it goes to the larger issue every time they get succeed -- i feel like they saw this polls, too. >> there has to be, like everyone else, he's not up for reelection himself, there's nothing to be gained by blaming things on an obstructionist republican party. >> not in an odd-numbered year. >> and the country wants us to move forward. >> ruth, the fun stuff, 2016,
6:57 am
hillary, and christie, biden and christie, a bunch of fun matchups. here's what you take away, the only person that keeps hillary under 50/50, the only person joe biden doesn't lead is chris christie. that tells you everything you need to know right now. >> i'm a jersey girl as i've said. >> bon jovi or springsteen? >> springsteen, of course, and go livingston lancer, but i have a question about chris christie and how much his appeal lasts on a closer look. it will -- if they're going to have a strong candidate, they have to bridge rand paul to chris christie and to some of the tea party. >> who is that? i don't think it's jeb bush. >> yeah, it's going to be hard to figure that out. shameless plugs. a piece in "the washington post" on ashley judd and the
6:58 am
women's vote in kentucky. >> nice. >> check it out. >> she the people is a great blog. i'm going totally shameless today, if you want a perspective on sheryl sandberg's interesting new book, real my column. >> i'm going with reed epstein, with an interesting piece on politico, about the gun control crowd and how they in some ways have been silenced or guaranteed a seat at the table. lets obama and biden do the talking for them. >> exactly. that's it no this edition. up next, chris jansing. bye-bye. is it when you've when left work behind,ise? and only the waves remain? is it when stress is replaced by serenity? there's no one answer. but when the moment arrives... ...everything will be perfectly clear.
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